This Is Me

Hong TranHi there!

Even though I look Asian, I actually speak seven languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Irish.

I’m a jolly spirit who wants to help you, whether you like it or not. 🙂

I lived in a Buddhist monastery in southern France for a year, where I enjoyed performing with the monastics and retreatants so much on Christmas and New Year’s Eve that I decided to become an actor in a country where I had always wanted to live: Ireland!

I’ve played an Irish-speaking Chinese mother in a bilingual 3-part comedy TV series Éirí Amach Amú (Wrecking The Rising) that aired on the Irish channel TG4.

Thanks to my experience of working with young adults in the monastery, I write Young Adult (YA) novels to help teenagers appreciate different cultures and learn about true happiness. I also enjoy helping young adults to practice mindfulness by forming their own communities in order to support one another through the joys and struggles of everyday life. I truly believe that empowered teenagers will change the world. 🙂

I live in Los Angeles to seek adventures as an actor and writer, weaving with the practice of mindfulness. If you want to follow my adventures, bookmark this page and come back for updates. 😀